What infants can teach you about photography

Daughter, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

It's been a long time since I've posted here. Lots going on the past few years: got married, changed jobs, had a beautiful daughter. I'm still taking plenty of photos, mostly on the iPhone and of my daughter. It's been an exciting ride having her in so many ways, but as for photography, she's helping me learn new things about photographing people, kids and also how to use a speedlite.

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Looking at the Atlantic

Looking at the Atlantic, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

Just something to prove that I haven't completely forgotten about posting photos. Taken in Hyannis, MA.


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Molten Clouds

Molten Clouds, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

Taken back over Thanksgiving from the balcony of a Bed & Breakfast we stayed in.

This one came out a bit dark, but with the magic of a gradient filter in Lightroom, I was able to get the exposure at the bottom looking good and still have the excellent contrast in the sky.


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Sunset over Portland, ME

Sunset over Portland, ME, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

Sometimes post-processing is just plain overrated. Taken at a higher ISO (500) with my Canon Powershot S95 resting on a handrail. Almost no post-processing done here, just these amazing colors speaking for themselves.

This was taken at Peak's Island, Portland, ME right before Hurricane Irene hit. We were attending a wedding and mother nature held her wrath off long enough for us to enjoy the wedding and this absolutely incredible sunset.


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Marble House Corner

Marble House Corner, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

Finally got a chance to do some processing on a lot of old photos recently. Here's the result of one from Newport, RI back in March.

This is the Marble House, one of the mansions there.

Not much processing here: Some minor cropping, slight vignette around the corners and some use of the brush to lighten the exposure on the right side.

Also my first use of Lightroom 3! Had to upgrade as I bought a new Canon Powershot S95 and needed support for the camera, which Lightroom 2 didn't have.

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