The Darjeeling Limited

Link: The Darjeeling Limited - Trailer

I just saw this today and I'm ecstatic, because now I have something to look forward to this fall. Wes Anderson is one of the best directors out there. His style of comedy always kills me, and the photography, music and overall feel of his films is incredible.

If you don't believe me, watch "The Royal Tenenbaums", and after you're done laughing hysterically, notice the pink and brown hues that permeate the film. Everything seems to fit that scheme, and it's gorgeous. The exact same can be said for "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" , except with baby blue and yellow.

And the use of music is spectacular: Luke Wilson in a tent listening to "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday" broken hearted over his step-sister? Seu Jorge playing all those Bowie songs in Portugeuse? Spectacular.

What impresses me most though, his ability to make you feel like you're in some sort of alternate universe that's exactly like ours... just a little bit weirder and more beautiful. Anything in the movie which could be used to tie the plot to a period of time seems just a bit skewed so you can't pinpoint it. Not to mention, his characters always seem to be stuck somewhere in the past or their own little world, so it fits perfectly.

Do yourself a favor and go watch all of his films. This week. I might go watch them again...


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The Wood Brothers

I was just introduced to the album "Ways to Lose" by The Wood Brothers. It was described to me as "music that two guys with acoustic guitars would play on a porch."

As obscure as that description might be, it's pretty accurate. It's folksy, guitar based music that's absolutely perfect for a lazy summer day or a relaxing drive.

Song Highlights: "Luckiest Man", "Chocolate On My Toungue"

You can get more info on the Wood Brothers and the album here. Their website has some of their songs posted, as well. I didn't post any here because I'm not sure about copyright issues yet.


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White Stripes

jack white, originally uploaded by chotideb.

It took me a long time to warm up to the White Stripes. I'm one of those fans who came in after the commercial albums (yeah, I know... ugh.). But I've grown to appreciate their minimalist sound more and more with every listen. Overproduced music is SO 2002.

Last night, I went to see The Stripes in Boston. I had fairly low expectations, I'll admit, but was absolutely blown out of the water. The energy coming out of these two people was enough to keep a whole arena rocking out. Hard. Seeing them live also made me appreciate what an absurdly great guitarist Jack White is. His ability to wail his heart out doesn't come out in their recordings, if you ask me. I need to get a live recording of theirs ...

That shot at the top isn't mine, by the way - my co-worker Deb got some absolutely stunning shots from the front row. Check out the whole set.

I will definitely be seeing them again.

Update: 9 Things I Learned About Business From the White Stripes. Not necessarily ground-breaking, but kinda interesting and relevant to this post.


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Ahh... Summer

Docks @ Sunset, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

Today was probably the best day we've had all year weather-wise. So, what's better than a spontaneous trip to a lake in Maine?

Kayaking, sun, great food, and to top it all off I got a few decent shots in. Unfortunately I was hoping for more, but as long as I get one or two, I'm satisfied.

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This Lemon...

This Lemon..., originally uploaded by theothermattm.

This car was parked at a Dunkin' Donuts in Danvers, MA. Herb Chambers is the owner of a huge chain of car dealerships around Massachusetts.

I thought this was a really funny way to get a little bit of revenge. The signs were all around the car.


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Rainy Night

Rainy Night in Portsmouth, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

I decided to take one of my first ventures out with the tripod tonight. Got lots of weird looks, as expected. One guy stopped and asked to look through my camera while I took this picture. I can only imagine what he thought.

This shot came out fairly well, I had to do a bit of editing. I have some good ones of the Steeple in Market Sq. as well, but I've already posted two of the steeple here.

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some flickr goodness

Link: Flickr: The Minimalism Pool

This is probably my favorite pool on flickr. It seems to have the most consistently great pictures of any of the ones I visit. There are just some spectacular shots Like this one. And this one.

And perhaps one of my all-time favorites.


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Fancy Pens

Link: Instructables Save $200 in 2 minutes and have the worlds best writing pen.

I actually tried this... I've gotta say, those Mont Blanc refills are pretty good. Now I just hope I don't lose it.


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Stoic, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

Shot I took while walking around today. Part of the War Memorial on Islington St. in Portsmouth, NH.


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Cinematic Mastery

Do yourself a favor and watch Alec Baldwin's speech in Glengarry, Glen Ross.

I was watching some awful, yet entertaining pop-culture game show with a friend yesterday and a question about this scene came on and reminded me of it. Undoubtedly of of the best portrayals of a scumbag businessman ever.

In fact, just watch the whole movie. You can't beat Pacino, Jack Lemmon, and Kevin Spacey together.


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Steeple in Clouds

Steeple in Clouds, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

Another shot of the Portsmouth, NH steeple I thought was pretty good.

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Movin' on up.

Movin' on up., originally uploaded by theothermattm.

One of my better shots lately. This is the renovated steeple in downtown Portsmouth, NH where I just moved (back) to.

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New Template

So I hacked together a new template based on a style from this site. I think it turned out pretty decent. It took a good amount of time hacking through the tags I needed to get it right.


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