White Stripes

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It took me a long time to warm up to the White Stripes. I'm one of those fans who came in after the commercial albums (yeah, I know... ugh.). But I've grown to appreciate their minimalist sound more and more with every listen. Overproduced music is SO 2002.

Last night, I went to see The Stripes in Boston. I had fairly low expectations, I'll admit, but was absolutely blown out of the water. The energy coming out of these two people was enough to keep a whole arena rocking out. Hard. Seeing them live also made me appreciate what an absurdly great guitarist Jack White is. His ability to wail his heart out doesn't come out in their recordings, if you ask me. I need to get a live recording of theirs ...

That shot at the top isn't mine, by the way - my co-worker Deb got some absolutely stunning shots from the front row. Check out the whole set.

I will definitely be seeing them again.

Update: 9 Things I Learned About Business From the White Stripes. Not necessarily ground-breaking, but kinda interesting and relevant to this post.


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