Weekend Meditation

The weekend morning ritual, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

My typical weekend morning in Portsmouth. I was playing around with a borrowed 50mm prime lens this morning and took this for the heck of it.

The flickr photo itself has notes detailing this very important ritual. If you care ;)

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Lazy Sunday.

Lazy Sunday., originally uploaded by theothermattm.

What I feel like after moving all day yesterday. This is an old one of Miko, one of Sara's cats.


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Swimming., originally uploaded by theothermattm.

A friend of mine had the spectacular idea to go down by the water yesterday (Labor Day) evening and take a few photos.

I cannot believe how we lucked out. This is one of the highlights from the set.

What a way to end summer.


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End of Summer.

End of Summer., originally uploaded by theothermattm.

How sad.


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