San Francisco: Day 6

Last day, and what great sessions at the conference to end it. Today started off with a talk from James Gosling (the "father" of Java) showing off some real-world applications of Java.

The best of which was Livescribe. Livescribe is a pen which records sound and what you write to the pen. Sounds stupid, right? But you're able to download that data to your computer and then play it back, watching what you wrote as the sound was recorded. It also stores your notes/drawings/etc. and makes them searchable. Very, very cool. After that, there was a huge line to buy one at their booth. I probably would have picked one up myself if it worked with OS X... But I hear that's coming down the line.

Next up was a session called "Why engineers are an endangered species" by Todd Fast from Sun. This talk was a breath of fresh air for me, as I can get pretty overwhelmed by how technical some of these sessions get. The talk went over how Web2.0 and Social Networking apps go hand-in-hand with the concept of the Long Tail. Summed up: Software Engineers are experts, and their work is detailed and takes time, thus we can't keep up with the need for niche apps (the Long Tail). So, he introduced the concept of the "Casual Developer" which is not an engineer but an "advanced user" of technology who can create mashup type apps. I couldn't say that this talk was anything new, but Todd Fast presented it in an extremely well organized manner.

A session on User Experience was interesting, as was one on JAX-WS for RESTful web services. I write this as I wait for a security talk for webapps ... My patience is waning, however, and I really would like to get home.

I will be taking the redeye back to logan this evening and bidding adieu to San Fran. I will miss it. Pictures to come!

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Posted by Matt 5/09/2008 03:01:00 PM


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