Foggy Weather

Old Fire Alarm, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

A photo from Marblehead, MA last weekend. A good time, but the fog rolled in which dampered our walk a little bit. Made for some interesting photos, though!

I was able to use the graduated filter in Lightroom to correct some overexposure on the sides of this old fire alarm. I think the detail came out well in this one.

I ended up freaking out while taking these photos when I noticed a speck in my viewfinder. I cleaned off my lens filter: nothing. Cleaned off the lens: Nothing. Oh crap, is it on the sensor? Duh, no. I wouldn't be able to see it through the viewfinder. It was on the mirror.

Went and got myself a RocketAir blower. Got the speck right off, but there's still a pesky one at the top of the viewfinder that won't go away. Not harming anything, but it bugs me.

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Posted by Matt 7/01/2009 10:00:00 PM


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