Sonoma Peaches, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

During our San Francisco/Sonoma Spectacular 2009, we visited the Sonoma Farmer's market. It's the only farmer's market in the country where you can drink in public, which is fan-tastic. The market is held in the square in the center of Sonoma itself and it had some amazing produce including some of the best strawberries I think I've ever eaten.

During our trip, we met some of the nicest folks we've ever come across, and many of them suggested that we check this market out and get a little taste of what most of the locals do on a Tuesday night. Unfortunately, we didn't have any portable wine glasses, and figured that drinking straight out of a bottle on the lawn wouldn't be acceptable. So, instead we just walked around (sober) and ate some delicious produce.

Since I was so busy eating, I didn't pull my camera out until around dusk, but the light was perfect. This particular shot captured some of the amazing colors in the bins that were in just about every stand we saw.

Sonoma was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, and can't wait to go back. Most of the time, I was too busy drinking wine to take photos, but I plan on posting at least one more from Sonoma here including one from Hanzell Winery, which was by far the wine highlight of the trip.

More about this photo: This was again taken with the trusty Canon 50mm prime. Since it was low light, my other lenses wouldn't have faired very well. This particular shot took only minimal touching up of contrast. The lush orange colors on the peaches was represented very faithfully by the lens and the lighting.

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Haight Graffiti

Haight Graffiti, originally uploaded by theothermattm.

A photo from a recent trip to San Francisco. This was some graffiti near gas meters in Haight-Ashbury. While we were waiting for a bus, this practically punched me in the face and screamed "Take a picture of me!" So, i did.

I went on the trip with my lovely girlfriend Jenny. We started in San Francisco, rented a car and drove to Sonoma for a couple of days, then went back to San Francisco. More about the rest of the trip later.

Haight Ashbury was a very hip place and I enjoyed it, though I went in skeptical that it would be filled with places like The Gap and restaurants with hippie memorabilia plastered on the wall.

The highlight were the vintage stores - Chock full of ironic and hilarious finds. I picked up a pretty awesome "Apple Computer Music Expo 1987" t-shirt at one. BOGUS: It turned out to be too small.

I will be posting more photos from the trip soon, including some of the beauty we saw in Sonoma. I have a lot more great shots in the San Francisco set on flickr.

A bit about the photo itself:
This was taken with a 50mm Canon prime lens, which always tends to bring out colors better than my other lenses. The lens is on my camera most of the time, unless I have a particular need for a zoom, or to get a wider view.

I only did minimal touching up to the contrast in Adobe Lightroom because, yes, the colors were that amazing. I also added a graduated density filter effect on the top and bottom to highlight the color of the gas meters.

Always looking for feedback so let me know what you think!

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