Playing around with Lightroom 3 Beta

A first shot at two things: 1) Black and White digital processing and 2) Lightroom 3 Beta, which was just announced by Adobe last week.

For the B&W processing: I'd be interested in any comments about the B&W processing here. Since my girlfriend shot in B&W and made her own gelatin-silver prints, I feel like this doesn't even hold a candle... but you gotta start somewhere, right?

For Lightroom 3 beta: Lightroom Killer Tips has some good info on it.

Here, I mainly tried playing around with the new "grain" effect. It looks good on as a smaller size, but you can see in the large size that it was a little overdone. Overall, I think it could be put to some good used if used subtly. I'd be curious to see how it ends up in a good print.

You'll also see the watermark at the bottom left. That's a new feature as well. The lack of watermarking left me scratching my head in Lightroom 2. Such a basic thing in such an otherwise amazing application. I overdid it here, but this was definitely a quick stab at trying lr3's features!

Lightroom Killer Tips also has some Q&A's about the beta. Can't share/export your library between Lightroom 2 and 3beta, bummer!

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Posted by Matt 10/29/2009 07:55:00 PM


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