Flickr Goodness: Au Fil De..

Tulipe..., originally uploaded by Au fil de....

I can't take credit for this fantastic photo, but wanted to share this work from flickr user Au fil de... I've been following her work on flickr for a while now, and it is consistently incredible.

This photo is a bit more colorful than her usual work, but it's always in a square aspect ratio and usually has a very quiet, vintage feeling going on. The composition and use of negative space makes all her photos look very peaceful, and something about the narrow Depth of Fields she uses seems to give the photos multiple layers.

I honestly have no idea how she does it but I could stare any of her photos for a long time and be completely sucked in.

There's also lots of great work on her blog (Note: It's in French).

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Posted by Matt 4/14/2010 09:34:00 PM


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